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Week 19: Traveling + 22 miles = exhaustation

Week 19 was another top mileage weekend and also happened to be the week the Merchandise Team traveled to Boston. Leaving on Wednesday and not getting back till Saturday definitely messed up my "routine," but was well worth all of that. It was great to hang out with co-workers and fellow retail teams, while learning a tremendous amount about New Balance.

After coming home on Saturday, I ended up sleeping for a good part of the day and only running 6 miles. Zach and I decided that it was best to just do our 22 miler on Sunday after getting a little more rest.

We headed out to Saugatuck Trails for a 3 hours escapade. It took a few miles to get into my routine and feel comfortable. Saugatuck Trails are rather grueling and my knees were getting the most of it. It was not that hot out but it was insane how much water I actually went through during the whole run. A 16oz bottle, 8oz bottle, and half of Zach's 22 oz bottle. Used 2 GU's, which felt appropriate for this time period.

I'm anxious to see how these trails will compare to the marathon's. I know that Saugatuck is more challenging, but the rumors are that North Country Trails are constantly up and down.

Knee seems to be holding up...just a little sore. I bought Zensah leg sleeves and wore them after my 22 miler. My legs felt great today, so maybe they helped!

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Week 18: You have a lot more time when you are running less miles

Week 18 was a huge drop in mileage, leaving my legs restless and wondering what I was doing with my time. Took this week pretty easy since I know next week will be another killer high mileage week (50ish).

I was bummed that I wasn't able to go to Tuesday's practice because of my knee...
but I did find resolution to the whole problem. Went to the injury clinic at work and basically I have some instability in my knees. What I need to do is get on more trails, strengthen that with exercises, and stop running the exact same routes and on sloped roads. My IT band was definitely a part of this and foam rolling has not seen the last of me. It was relieving to hear a professional tell me exactly what the problem was and how to fix it. High hopes that my right leg will slowly start coming back to normal before the marathon.

Ran with Zach on some trails yesterday...only did about 5 miles on the actual trails since the deer flies were making a meal of us. We were screaming with our arms above our heads during a sandy part of the trail where apparently the flies make their home. Did about another 5 off of the trails on grass/even sidewalk.

Next week will be pretty jammed packed. It will be a challenge to get 50 miles in since I'm traveling to Boston for work for three days. I know they have a workout room at the hotel, but I don't know if I'll have time to use it!

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Week 17: OH the Heat!

Week 17 into my marathon training and have been dreading going outside in this humidity and heat waves. The last two days have cooled down tremendously and have made running a little more tolerable. Next week, I only have 7 more weeks of training until the big day! I'm getting pretty antsy for this marathon because I'm afraid my knee won't take that much more hardcore training. Today for my long run I went out to Riley Trails and was only able to run about 4 miles there because of a combination of the hills, mosquito's, and boringness. Decided to head out and run out to Lakeshore Drive which provided a much more entertaining run and seemed to help my knee a little bit better than the trails.

Been feeling extremely sleepy this last week. I'm not sure if I'm getting sick or if this is associated with my running. I'm going to try to attempt to get more sleep this week, but I'm guessing since Zach will now be in GR; that might not happen.

Also want to get back on track with my eating habits. In the busy-ness of life, I haven't had the time or made the time to cook like I used to. It is crazy how different people eat. I can't help but notice the people around me and the choices they make. Whether this be co-workers, people I see at Meijer, friends, or family, I'm intrigued to what they think about when it comes to the food the are putting in their bodies. I really think that most Americans don't give a shit about their "diets" and prefer the lazy solution of quick and easy food. I wonder about addictions and what food people become "addicted" too. I know I fine myself craving foods like french fries, chicken tenders, and any type of baked good more often than I should be eating these. Makes me wonder what is truly in our food and why we get these urges to go out and buy these things when I could just grab an apple and call it good.....

Enough rambling! I need to get ready to head into GR to help Zach unpack once he gets into town!!! YAY!

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Week 16: Lonnnnnnnnng Run

Another uneventful week in the running world. Knee has been consistently sore, but not to the point of pain, so I'm still running on it. Took two days off, biked once, and ran the rest of the week. The only eventful thing about this week was that Zach was in town and that I did my longest run to date on Saturday.

For Gazelle track practice, we did a warm up, strides, and then a workout of a hard 800, rest for 200, hard 300, rest 300...this was done four times and equaled four miles. It has been great for my training to get higher quality miles in, instead of just junk miles.

Got up early today and headed from my apartment down to South Shore for my long run. The weather was warm, but relatively nice for such a lengthy run. Running past all the gorgeous houses on South Shore is always fun; seeing how ridiculously big these houses are and wondering how much they cost. Took one GU at the turn around point, roughly around mile 9. I had brought a 12 oz water bottle along and filled it up on my way back to Kollen Park, but was still really thirsty after that. About four miles left, I decided that I had to go into McDonald's and fill it up or I was going to pass out. Other than being dehydrated and a little sore, 18.2 miles felt pretty good! Next time, I'll bring more water or find more water fountains...another GU would have been nice.

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