Distracted Runner

It has been a hectic winter since I last posted...

Officially beginning my marathon training two Sundays ago, I'm already in a rut. With "snowmageddon" hitting GR pretty bad, running is one of the last things on my mind.  My 11 mile run on Saturday was dreadful and the only thing keeping me going was knowing that as soon as I got inside, I might be able to feel the tips of my fingers again.  We all go through these stages when we run, I just didn't expect it to happen so soon into my training. I'll keep blaming it on the snow.

With Hal Hidgon's training plan, my hope for this 18 week course is to focus on quality, not quantity of miles.  It has been refreshing to come home and not have to run a couple of 8 milers in the middle of the week.  Instead, I've had several 4-5 milers, with workouts in between and one long run.  With Spring hopefully on it's way, I know I will look forward to these runs after work...for now I'll have to just put up with it.

Zach and I have been reading a book together (which makes us realize how bad we are at reading out loud).  Last night the chapter we were reading discussed attitude and how we act and think.  It was so interesting when the author suggested that it is our choice what our attitude on life is, we get to decide if we are positive or negative to ourselves and others.  Even when others say harsh words or make you cry, it is your choice if you remain positive or choose to become negative.  In the end, we decide our outlook on life, and run with what we are given.  I've come to the conclusion that this is a concept I need to become more familiar with. Not that I'm a negative person by any means, but I do tend to take criticism and negative comments personally.  I tell Zach that I am "sensitive" but in actuality, I get to decide if these comments will effect me.  Granted it doesn't help your attitude when others around you are constantly complaining, but that just means I need to work extra hard at having a positive attitude, despite what is thrown my way.

The same can be said about my training and my daily runs.  I know each run will be hard and cold with all the snow, but going into it with a positive outlook will only make the run more easier.  I hope this frame of mind takes hold and gives me the strength I need for these upcoming weeks.

Stay Positive. Stay Warm. Stay Motivated.

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