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Week 11: Heat...I hate sweating

Finished yet another high mileage week, which made life seem a little bit more busier. I attempted to get up early in the morning to run so I wouldn't be so tired after work, but I just don't think I have the motivation to get up that early right now. Last week I put in about 45 miles and am looking at a drop in mileage for this week. I did two 8 mile runs Tuesday and Wednesday that were hard considering the heat/humidity we are getting. I did the 8 mile run on Tuesday in about 7:12 pace and 7:34 for Wednesday's; which was also a workout. Warmed up for about 1 1/2 then did 4 sets of 5 hard/5 jog with a longer cooldown. Maybe when I get my FREE hydration belt I'll be able to feel better about doing longer runs in this heat! :) No telling how hot and humid it will be during the marathon.

At this point my right side is still the same, but I really don't know if I can do much about it. I think it is a muscle problem, maybe a kink that needs to be rubbed I'm looking to go to a sports massage therapist. I know it will hurt in the process, but if it makes me feel better...oh well.

This week's goals: to take it a little easier and make sure I'm getting hydrated and eating enough calories. All prep work for the week after next, which is when I'm suppose to be hitting my peak mileage.

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Week 10: Trail Time

This week has been very busy with work and running. Weekly mileage at this point is up to 45 miles. Other than my pesky right hip/IT band, I'm feeling awesome.

Today I ran my first really long run on the trails at Saugatuck State Park. The weather was perfect and the scenery was refreshing. For my first hour, I hit up a longer trail that looped out to the lake and back. Once getting out to the lake and looking back at where I had ran, I was in awe of what I had covered and the beauty of the area. Don't get me wrong...there were several points in the run where I was cursing the humongous sandy dunes and wondering where I was at. After getting back to the parking lot and taking my GU and water, I was back at it for my second hour. I took a shorter trail that quickly took me directly to the beach. I decided that this was such a perfect day that I'd run barefoot down the beach for 30 minutes. I think the few people I saw probably thought I was crazy. Here is this extremely sweaty girl, wearing just her sports bra and running shorts, with her shoes wrapped around her neck! The beach felt really nice since the wind was cooler out there and it gave my feet a change of pace. After that, I put my shoes back on, and got lost for the last 30 minutes of my run. By the time I got back to my car I was sick of the sand dunes. I didn't really feel that tired after running for 2 hours...just dirty and thirsty.

This run has given me some insight to how the marathon might go. Thankfully, Zach says there is no sand dunes on that course, so I won't die. It will be hard, there is no denying that, but I'm excited to see how fast I could run a "trail" marathon.

Next week, mileage will still be at 45. Hopefully my right side won't take a toll from this long run.

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Week 9: Riverbank Run

What a weekend! I've been pretty busy this weekend with my Mom and then starting work that I've haven't had time to update. The Riverbank run went really well considering the conditions and my past illness. I was happy with my overall time: 1:48:08, which was about a few seconds slower than last year. I ran about half with my friend Kristen, who was a blessing to have during this race. We went to the Expo on Friday to pick up our packets and said hi to my boss and a few co-workers. It is refreshing to be working with others who have the same mind set I do about running.

Riverbank 25K Splits:


So far this week, I've been recovering and hoping to get at least one workout in. Hitting the road to Cleveland this Friday and will be getting a long run in on Saturday with Zach! :)

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Week 8: One last week...

Week 7 did not end up being a very productive week...Tuesday morning I woke up feeling pretty sick and didn't feel completely better until Saturday. Had some kind of virus that made me nauseous, drained, have no appetite, and have an upset stomach. I was capable of no running, so sleeping and getting better was my first priority. Felt able to run on Sunday and did a light 4.5 mile which didn't go that great. Last night I did 5 miles at 7 minute pace and that felt much better, but left my body sore...

Rather nervous for what the Riverbank will be like this weekend. I had high hopes for running 6:30 - 6:45 minute miles, but I'll be happy if I can do anything under 7 minute miles. Once I get over this hurdle, I can take a week or so to get back where I should be for the marathon training.

This is also my last week before starting my new job! It will be sad to leave and scary to start something new, but I'm looking forward to the opportunities this will hopefully bring.

Goals for this week: to get enough rest this week and to not put so much pressure on this race. To also enjoy this busy weekend with my Momma!

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