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Week 15: Urggg

This week was my first time attending the Gazelle Marathon Training Program; which I'll be going to every Tuesday. It was so nice to get back on the track and pull out my speed and mix it with some endurance. There is just something magical about stepping on a beautifully laid out track and warming up your body for a strenuous speed workout. We ended up doing 16 "harder" 200's for our main workout. These 200's were based on our 5K times, but I think since my endurance has been pretty well established, that I should have made these splits harder.

With my IT band not bothering me at knee has started bugging me. Funny how that works. After my massage it was a little sore, but nothing compared to how it has felt today after the Reed's Lake Run. I ended up doing both the 5k and 10k and now seconding guessing if this was smart.

It was considerably hot/humid, but I felt that these were both training runs for the marathon.

5k: 19:45
10k: 43:11 (I ended up 2nd in my age division!)

Weekly mileage was around 40 and I did 15 for my long run today.

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Week 14: Biding Time

I'm a little late on week 14's blog...but there hasn't been much happening in my running world. Took the mileage down a bit this week in hopes that my IT band and knee will start improving more. Zach was up this weekend, but couldn't run with me since he was not feeling the greatest and having some foot pains. Regardless, I got 13 miles in for my long run.

Work and life in general feels like it has gotten tremedously I'm going to try to get more sleep and manage my time better. Feels like I've been dragging; I'm assuming it is because of my running.

More interesting running endavors next blog.

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Week:13 Peak Mileage

I had envisioned running and hitting my peak mileage was going to be rather difficult; but I did it just fine! Despite the IT band and running the Diemer 5k, I still managed to get 49 miles in. I thought I would have had to do at least one two-a-day.

Wednesday I stayed the night at Margie's so I could see the Diemer course. Getting out of my apartment and the Holland bubble was delightful; something I need to do more often.

Getting my IT worked on was a smart move because I think it was on the verge of an injury. It is still extremely tender and sore, but that comes with getting an intense massage and then running a 5k, then a long run. Going to see him again this Tuesday and two more times.

The Brian Diemer 5k on Saturday was a great opportunity to get some speed into my training...even though the humidity made me feel like I couldn't breathe! Mom and Dad came up Friday and stayed until Sunday. I think it's been since college when both of my parents had watched me run. Good to have their support this weekend. I ended up running a 19:28, which I was content with. Ended up 21st Female overall and 7th in my age group. The course was flat and fast, with the leading women's time in the 16's! I think I came in second for the Gazelle Team and we ended up winning the Division 2 Team!

Goals for this coming week include, but are not limited too... stretching and icing my IT band more, running before work, getting some trail runs/hills in, and from the looks of this picture, my posture. :)

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Week 12: Waking up early to run; am I an adult now?

I'm throughly impressed with myself this week...getting my run done before work and before anyone in their right mind would want to get out of their cozy beds. Since it was a lighter mileage week, I didn't do anything over 5.5, except for my long run.

Just did 10 miles down South Shore with Kristen and Sarah on Saturday morning. Incredibly nice to get long runs done that early in the day; leaving the rest of the day open for errands, reading, cooking, and being lazy.

The IT band is getting progressly worse, so I scheduled a sports massage for this coming Thursday. It makes running the first two miles of any run really uncomfortable and tight. I'm hoping that he'll be able to work all the kinks out. Since I am running the Brian Diemer this Saturday I want to be at the top of my game. I would love to run anything under 19:30, but I'm not sure of what I'm capable of right now. Top 10 recieve money, but looking at last year's time, I'd probably have to run under 19 minutes. haha I haven't been training for a 5k, so I'll be happy with anything in the 19's or 20's.

This week, I'll be at my peak mileage, so I'll be busy doing some long runs in my spare time. It will be interesting to see how I respond to a 50-55 mileage week...

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