Week Two: Lifestyle

Now into week two of my marathon training. Was a little side tracked last week due to a lethal sinus infection...but I came back with a vengeance when I found out Zach was coming to town for the weekend. We kicked out a nice 10.5 miler on Sunday; felt pretty good for doing 7:30 pace. My focus this week is to get two "speed" days in before heading to Illinois this weekend. Hoping to incorporate some fartleks and strides to get that turnover.

This new year has brought on a revelation. Running over the years has dynamically changed from hobby to lifestyle. This is something that I wish to continue for the rest of my life and share with as many people as possible. But it is not all about the actual physical "running" part. It is also about the nutrition we are supplying this active body, the knowledge we are learning about this sport, and the relationships built from it all.

With this said...I've been researching and doing my fair share of reading many marathon/ultra books, along with random running bios. I've changed my diet considerably; almost becoming a vegetarian, cutting dairy, eating whole grains, and much more fruits/veggies. I've never really had a "sweet tooth" so this really hasn't been a challenge. Realization that the consumer outlook on their food intake is ridiculous. Most people have no idea what they are putting into their bodies and how bad most packaged foods are. I like to stay mostly in the produce section when grocery shopping...it's when you get into the aisles that trouble begins.

This year is a marker for big and better things. I'm excited where it will lead.

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