Final Race of the Year: Kinda Sad, Kinda Relieved

This past Sunday I ran the GR Half Marathon, making this my last official race for the year. Going into this race, goals were low and anxiety high. Since the North Country, my motivation has been lacking and the training has followed. I figured this half would be a struggle since the last time I had run over 10 miles had been during the marathon.

With the adrenaline flowing high that morning, I went out as usual, too fast. I could not believe how great I felt for the first 5 miles, so I tried to maintain my pace. Zach brought his bike and occasionally pedaled next to me for support, which was almost as good as having him run with me.

Finished in 1:29:45
6th woman overall
2nd in my age group

Splits (aprox):
1 mile: 6:33
2 mile: 6:48
3 mile: 6:46
4 mile: 6:50
5 mile: 6:42
6 mile: 6:57
7 mile: 7:00
8 mile: 7:00
9 mile: 6:22
10 mile: 6:50
11 mile: 7:15
12 mile: 7:06
13 mile: 7:15

Overall a great flat course and race to finish up the year. Let’s hope that with some down time; the motivation will ensue.

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