Week 8: One last week...

Week 7 did not end up being a very productive week...Tuesday morning I woke up feeling pretty sick and didn't feel completely better until Saturday. Had some kind of virus that made me nauseous, drained, have no appetite, and have an upset stomach. I was capable of no running, so sleeping and getting better was my first priority. Felt able to run on Sunday and did a light 4.5 mile which didn't go that great. Last night I did 5 miles at 7 minute pace and that felt much better, but left my body sore...

Rather nervous for what the Riverbank will be like this weekend. I had high hopes for running 6:30 - 6:45 minute miles, but I'll be happy if I can do anything under 7 minute miles. Once I get over this hurdle, I can take a week or so to get back where I should be for the marathon training.

This is also my last week before starting my new job! It will be sad to leave and scary to start something new, but I'm looking forward to the opportunities this will hopefully bring.

Goals for this week: to get enough rest this week and to not put so much pressure on this race. To also enjoy this busy weekend with my Momma!

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One Response to Week 8: One last week...

  1. This race will be so exciting with 18,000 runners - wow. Can't wait to see you Lainey and have a fun weekend.

    Love Mom


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