Week 21: Toasted Legs...

The tapering effect has yet to really take place and my legs are getting pretty toasted. This week my mileage was suppose to be around 35, but I ended up doing 42 miles. When talking to my friend about this, I realized that I have been training consistently since January and have been training solely for this marathon for 21 weeks without much of a break. So I definitely have a reason to be feeling this way.

Tuesday was another good workout on the track. Zach came out and ran the workout beautifully; making it look so easy.

Stride outs for 4 min
800 hard
400 easy
1 mile hard
400 easy

We did this 3 times in a grueling heat/humidity.

The rest of the week was pretty typical, except for Saturday. Zach and I went to Egypt Valley and ran these trails for 20 miles. It was probably 1 1/2 to 2 hours where I really started to slow down and feel how sore my feet were. The trails were amazing to run on; made for mountain biking with the ups and downs required for a great running workout.

Looking to take this week's mileage down to 30-35 miles and putting at least 1 day of cross training in there. I want to make sure the soreness in my shins and hips stop and get the rest I need before Saturday. Definitely getting enough sleep, which is so important at this stage in the game.

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One Response to Week 21: Toasted Legs...

  1. Hey Lainey - you are an inspiration to me - I just came back from a short run and felt the best I have in weeks. The thryoid meds have kicked in and I'm getting my energy back. Barring any back trouble I'm going to keep it up. Wouldn't be doing it if it weren't for you. Love you lots. Mom


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