Week 20: Winding Down

For Week 20, I'm slowing starting to work on the decline for my marathon. With a weekly mileage of 40 miles I definitely felt less pushed, BUT of course other obstacles came into play for this week. I went to practice once again and I think that riled up my knee, despite having a great workout. With work being insanely busy, traveling back home to IL for the weekend, and doing 15 on Saturday, I'm now trying to recover.

Sleep = #1 priority right now
Food = more veggies/fruits with proteins after hard runs
Stretches/Ice Knee = do more frequently

Been wearing my Zensahs and I really like them. Not sure if it is mainly a placebo effect, but after my 22 miler, I wasn't really sore at all the following day. I'm hoping this is partly because I wore these right afterwards and during the following night.

Super busy...so focusing on my running, spending time with Zach, and work. Gotta go!

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